The Guest House

The Hudson Guest House was created in the tradition of European inns and places of lodging. Our goal is to provide a restful oasis so you can go back into the world and do your own great works. Founded in 1785, The City of Hudson is permanently protected by its many Federally designated historic districts, for future generations to enjoy and embark upon new enterprises. With hundreds of properties listed in the State and National Registers of historic places, Hudson has been called the “finest dictionary of American architecture in New York State”.

Opened in 2017 and located on the upper floors, there are three, luxurious and loft-like suites in The Hudson Guest House. These adjoin a large sitting room, open kitchen, book nook, and breakfast room, for a total of 3000 square feet. The suites have been decorated with an artful combination of furnishings the owner has gathered from his travels home and abroad. Local craftsmen were found to bring new life to many pieces, as part of our mission to incorporate sustainable practices. Theron Ware Works of Fine Art occupies the entire first floor of our building. Located there since 1990, they were a part of the first wave of visionaries who made the City of Hudson what it is today.

Breakfast is served each morning, along with snacks during the day and adult beverages in the evening. A rear garden provides a quiet setting for enjoying the outdoors and is available for intimate events. Several wedding parties have used the common areas for dressing and gathering prior to their ceremonies. Whether an executive retreat or a large social reception, the public areas were designed for a variety of uses.

A secure WiFi network and numerous charging ports are installed throughout The Hudson Guest House for your convenience. The large municipal parking lot directly behind The Hudson Guest House provides free parking overnight and weekends and has an entrance on Columbia Street. The parking lot also provides easy access to the back of The Hudson Guest House through the rear garden from Prison Alley.